Low Vision People


Low vision people need help and advice on how to better cope with their eye disease or eye condition they suffer from.

People with low vision require help in many areas, such as:  

-  How to find a job if you have low vision

-        How to get around having low vision

-        How to read or write having a visual imparement

-        How to find a partner to share everything with

-        How to socialize with fully sighted people

-        How to work in a low vision friendly workplace


On our website www.lowvisionfriends.com we will answer many of those questions and we are absolutely convinced you will, as a low vision person, discover how much you can do having your eye disease. 

We decided it to call the site low vision friends because everybody with low vision or with perfect sight has friends, I am sure we all low vision people have friends and we also have families that are friends to us as well, so we thought that would be a neat name for a website that wants to help low vision people have a better life. 

We truly believe being low vision or blind does not mean we are not allowed to be happy or to fullfill our dreams and hopes. 

We are not defined by our eye diseases or our blindness but by who we are as human beings. We have in our website the responsibility to make low vision friends understand what their friends go through every single day. 

We don’t want pity, we ask for respect and help, our vision loss is just a part of us but we have so much more to give to others. 

Some people say being legally blind is terrible, we at www.lowvisionfriends.com say it is terrible ONLY if you allow it to be. 

With the right attitude, positive spirit and faith, low vision people from all over the world can achieve anything and we will get low vision people together so that together we can change how society looks at us with prejudices and ignorance, because they are “blind” for not seeing our true essence. 

We think every Demographic group has to fight for their rights, whether were Blacks centuries ago, Jews, or Women, well low vision people will fight too and will win the “war” against intolerance and ignorance, that is a fact.

It will take time, sure, it will be hard, of course, and so it was with those groups mentioned above, and slowly have improved the perception society had about them.

We will accomplish the same. 

That is why low vision people now have a website to look at and where you will make friends, get the late research news on any eye disease, will be able to get energyzed with the Motivation Zone, find any nutritional product you need for your eyes, get the most useful gadgets that will help you see and find a job or do sports like Scuba Diving or even find out how you can drive being low vision in the United States.








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