There are many low vision diseases, but the most common are: 

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP),

Ushers Syndrome,

Macular Degeneration also known as AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration),

Glaucoma and Cataracts.


We will focus on the degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). 

Retinitis Pigmentosa is an eye condition that affects the retina of the individual. 

Retinitis Pigmentosa people are a more and more larger population in The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Colombia, Spain, The Middle East and Australia just to name a few. 

Retinitis Pigmentosa is an eye disease that makes you lose your sight progressively. Retinitis Pigmentosa people says having Retinitis Pigmentosa is not that bad but when you start losing night vision and you become night blinded, then it becomes a real issue, a real problem. 

For any Retinitis Pigmentosa person, the independence is a key element, so usually they search for Retinitis Pigmentosa friends, Retinitis Pigmentosa pals, people like them who can understand them better than their families does, they search for advice and tips on how to keep their independence intact. 

To make RP friends is not easy, because there are not many places Online where you can meet Retinitis Pigmentosa people, however now there is a place where everyone suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa can come and meet others with their same eye disease (RP). 

There is a lot of research going on regarding Retinitis Pigmentosa, it has truly become an important focus on scientistsí work in The United States and abroad. 

RP as it is a very complex and devastating disease, it has now been considered as a top priority for important organizations such as The Foundation Fighting Blindness that fights to find a cure for all eye diseases that can cause blindness. 

There are many types of Retinitis Pigmentosa and therefore many variables come into play when thinking how will ever be a cure for all types of Retinitis Pigmentosa. 

Fortunately things look brighter and brighter every day with hi-tech devices in development right now such as the Chip that has been implanted in a few patients eyes and that promises good results in a few years, making people who have lost most of their sight, to be able to see shapes, colours and even the whole face of a person. 

And there are more things, Stem Cell Research, and the surgery that is performed in Colombia, Cuba and a few places more where they help improve the sight of the damaged eyes but with NO guarantees of such improvements. What we know is there are some successful cases in Colombia and Cuba but there are also cases where no improvement is made so we can not recommend such surgery at this time. 

As eye doctors say, there needs to be a scientific study published on a major Medical Journal with thousands of cases shown there to demonstrate the effectiveness of any surgery for RP patients. 
We have also heard of Ozone therapy but that is also not a therapy we can recommend, you need to be very careful with everything you do to your eye sight, we know that if you have a limited vision and you need any kind of help, then you must try anything, but it has risks and some may include becoming blind or losing more sight after such procedures. 

You can find on the most active and loyal low vision community, where you'll be able to find the right device to help you read, watch tv or even play baseball!!!

Our low vision community has people from all over the world who have signed up for FREE and who communicate everyday with eachother in a very interactive fashion.

Every eye disease has its community of people, and we already have people from Usa, UK, Canada and Italy.

Our low vision community can write to us and tell us their story, experience, anything they want and we will make them contributors of our website.

Our goal is to motivate and connect people from anywhere in the world that has an eye disease, make them active, give them tools they never had, and help them be happier with the sight they have and find in a real friend, a helping hand that will be there with you always.

There is a section where you can read and learn all about the nutrition for the eye and what foods are good for your eyes and why and what foods are bad for them and why.

There you will also find links to pages where you can find vitamins supplements that are very needed when you have a low vision disease.

There is a section called <Low Vision Guide> where you can learn tips to get around at home, where you need some changes, if you travel also there are tips for that, for organizing the money in your wallet in a smart way, we give you the best places to find a job, we tell you where to go to do sports like Scuba Diving or Ski.

We have a section called <Motivation Zone> where we will put stuff that feeds the spirit that will get you energyzed and ready to go meet the tough world we live in.

There is a section called <Top best and worst> where all of our members can tell us what places we should visit and which we shouldn't, based on lightning and how easy is to hang out inside of them, we want to know how you like a restaurant in Chicago or a subway in Paris, the idea is to have a recollection of places we low vision people can go and so we can have a better idea of places low vision friendly.

We will have also the best related links to any low vision disease, plus we will find the most successful people with a determined disease, people from whom we can learn a lot and if you are looking for the best research news on your particular disease, we are the place for you.

We will update and keep very active and interactive, that is why low vision people from all over the world comes everyday to see something new and different, we have a lot in mind and we are already the fastest growing low vision community on the Net.




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