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TrueDoctors.com is an Internet portal owned by Quality Med Ltd. a company registered in the Republic of Colombia, under fiscal number 900.010.690-1, Quality Med Ltd. was founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1980.

The two main purposes of this portal are to show the world the high scientific standards of the Colombian medicine and, to facilitate to any patient in the world the possibility of being treated and/or operated by a doctor with at least the very same skills than any doctor in Europe or the USA, but with the costs of a country not economically developed.

Hundreds of patients from all over the globe come every month for surgery in Colombia, and the cost of the surgery, the doctor’s fees, the clinic, the hotel and the airfare only amount to three times less than just the surgery in his country of origin. Sometimes the cost has been six and even ten times less, depending on the medical specialty and the surgery involved.

It must be said as well that some of the patients who come either for treatment or surgery, come in order to have corrected an operation not well performed in their country of origin.

Besides the above, in Colombia there’s still a human and warm relationship between patient and doctor, which we all need and appreciate.

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