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Pregnancy is something that is a dream phase for every woman and her family. The joy and happiness are boundless and so are the expectations, imagination, and future plans. But on the flip side a lot of women will agree on the fact that the effects of pregnancy on the body can sometimes be drastic. During this phase, the body can undergo changes in shape and size that are evident and, for some women, are undesirable.

The best example of Mommy Makeover is when you see celebs tone down to zero-size figure after getting through the pregnancy phase where they gain all the bulk. Combined with dieting, physical fitness, and proper measures, it’s possible to get back into shape with Mommy Makeover post-pregnancy and enjoy a better life.

Primary treatments associated with Mommy Makeover are:

• Tommy Tuck

This form of surgical procedure focuses on the shape and size of stomach and is the most common one. Post pregnancy when dieting and exercising don’t provide the desired output, then Tommy Tuck becomes a go-to option for people looking to slim their stomach down. The surgery distinguishes from other form of Mommy Makeover in that it permanently restores the firmness to the stomach while there’s no such thing in other procedures. The excess fat in the stomach is removed and muscles in the stomach are tightened to the best possible degree so that the stomach will keep retain its new shape for as long time as possible. There are different types of Tommy Tuck procedure depending upon the post-pregnancy concern like:

  • Traditional Tommy Tuck (for full abdominoplasty)
  • Extended Tommy Tuck (for belt lipectomy)
  • Reverse Tommy Tuck (for breast bone along with stomach)
  • Mini Tommy Tuck (for scars)
  • Nonsurgical body Contouring (liposuction, injectables, and lasers)
  • Breast Enhancement

Breasts normally remain in shape and size before and during pregnancy, but post-pregnancy, they become loose and shaggy. This is normal too because of breastfeeding and internal body hormonal changes. Once there are changes in hormones that are responsible for the maintaining the breast tissues, the tissue deflates which results in changes of the breast in an undesirable way.
But the good news is that they can be corrected or improved through breast enhancement procedure. With the breast enhancement procedure, the breast can be augmented with implants or a lift to bring it to the desirable state. Just like Tommy Tuck, there two types of breast enhancement procedures clients have to choose from. These are:

  • Breast Implant (suitable for patients looking for fullness and firmness)
  • Breast lift (suitable for sagging breast)
  • Fat Removal (by implementing liposuction)

Fat removal process is not a standalone process, but is often times performed along with others like breast enhancement and tommy tuck. It is an essential part of any Mommy Makeover. For example, in the Tommy Tuck procedure, one of the objective is to accentuate the waist and add a proper definition to the abdomen. Fat removal process helps in fulfilling that objective.
Liposuction involves removal of extra body fat by utilizing a form of suction device. A thin hollow tube known as cannula is employed and is inserted below the skin. The other end is then connected with a specialized vaccum-powered equipment to manually drain out the excess fat present under the skin. For more localized areas and precise contours, smaller cannulas attached to a large syringe are used.

The above three ones are primary Mommy Makeover procedure types. But besides that, there are some secondary ones which are employed for patients with minimal requirements. The results obtained through them are not as effective as the permanent methods and aren’t permanent either because they’re less intense. Mentainenance sessions are required once the surgery is performed and not everyone responds to these type of treatment. The secondary treatments associated with Mommy Makeover are:

  • Skin tightenersThere are some lucky group of patients who just need a minor tweaking or attention to help them get back to shape post pregnancy. For them, a skin-tightening treatment is more than helpful. The main goal of this method is to produce collagen – the main structural protein found in skin. This is achieved by a combination of laser treatment, prescribed medicines and creams, and physical exercises. As the name suggest, it tightens the skin around the concerned area and makes it look tight and firm.
  • Cellulite treatmentsCellulite is the lumpy fat that is often deposited and push through the connective tissues on thighs, hips, stomach, and buttocks. Mommy Makeover procedures also account for anti-cellulite treatments which aids in minimizing cellulite.
  • Stretch mark improvementStretch marks do appear after pregnancy when you gain weight and the skin is forced to stretch too quickly than it normally would. This causes the collagen to weaken and break down leading to visible stretch marks. Mommy Makeover can help correct this situation by specific laser skin-surfacing treatments that help reduce them.

Ideal candidates for a Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover treatment option is mainly for moms who’ve just passed the pregnancy phase and looking to get back in shape as they were before. There isn’t any specific definition of an ideal candidate for this surgery and in the end decided by the physician. But she should be physically and mentally fit, shouldn’t be consuming alcohol, cigarettes, and be able to go to gym regularly with no heavy lifting.

But every candidate is different and is qualified finally by the physician and surgeon in charge. After the initial assessment, doctors will determine the health level of patient and bring him/her to the ideal state via the preparation process.

Preparation Process

Going into the surgery, there are few preparation process involved which will determine both the success of the surgery and the duration of recovery process. As a rule of thumb, the healthier you are for the procedure, the quicker and more comfortable recovery process will be.

You’ll be required to avoid some medication/drugs, and instead will be prescribed recommended supplements which could increase your overall health and safety. Smoking and heavy drinking are strictly prohibited as they interfere with the blood circulation process.

Post Treatment

The Mommy Makeover surgery do require some post-treatment measures to be taken care of. The recovery phase begins as soon as the surgery is concluded. The first day of the surgery is usually spent at the recovery unit after which the patient is allowed to return home. For a fortnight or so, it is important to follow every measure as dictated by the physician to allow for smooth recovery process. Heavy lifting and full-body showering is usually advised to be abstained from. Ice therapy is extremely beneficial during the first 15 days post-op. Applying for 20 minutes in the affected area with 20-40 minutes interval is deemed ideal. This reduces pain and inflammation. Another beneficial recovery process is gentle breast massage. It helps in relaxing the pectoralis muscle which constitutes the bulk of the chest.

After 15 days, the sutures are removed with the surgical tape. Based on the condition, further medications and treatment options are recommended. The full recovery process might range anywhere from one month to three months depending upon the complexity of the Mommy Makeover procedure undertaken.

Possible Risks

Even though Mommy Makeover surgery yields a fairy-tale-esque result, it does comes with some possible risks and perils for which measures need to be taken. Even before the preparation process starts, you’ll be communicated with all the possible risks involved with the surgery and it’ll be up to you to decide whether the risks, goals, and complications are at an acceptable level. After the understanding, you’ll be required to sign a consent form detailing all the scenarios and possible outcome.

The possible risks of any form of Mommy Makeover surgery include, but are not limited to, infection, poor healing process, bleeding, seroma, hematoma, inability to breast feed, loss of sensation, implant leak, scarring, cardiac complication, and persistent pain. Usually 95% of the patients undergoing Mommy Makeover enjoy a risk-free procedure and healing process, but in some rare instances special care and attention is required to eliminate further complications. Both the patient health and surgeon expertise play a huge role in this.


The cost for Mommy Makeover varies as widely as the types themselves. It varies depending on:

  • Procedure chosen
  • Desired outcome
  • Location of the hospital
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Prescribed medications
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medical tests

But in the US expect to pay somewhere between $6,000 to $10,000 for basic and intermediate therapies. For more advanced therapies, expect to pay beyond that estimate and can go upward of $25,000. Not in Colombia, a country known to be one of the three plastic surgery leading countries in the world.

This domain of plastic surgery has done more good than any other procedures. It helps women get their previous body shape back in little time and little effort. It helps women get more confident and betters their self-esteem which contributes to the overall well-being of family. With advacement in technology in fields like computers, biotechnology, nanotechnology, Mommy Makeover procedure is expected to only get better with more fruitful results and less recovery time frame.

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