Colombia is one of the three leading countries worldwide for plastic surgery (the others are Brazil and Mexico). Colombia’s great advantage is that plastic surgery in Colombia costs three times less.

This site will enable you to become familiar not only with our doctors, but also with their work. You can also read their articles on plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. And you will find all of the tools you need for properly selecting your surgeon.

In addition, this site will introduce you to our cities, clinics, and all of the formalities that you need to take care of before you travel.

Testimonials from patients who have come for surgery

I had read a few articles on Plastic Surgery and knew many people were going out of the country for surgery as the US is so over rated and costly.

I had the opportunity  to travel to Bogota Columbia, South America and planned my procedure. When considering this, time was the one big factor for me, and next was the cost so I opted for a mini lift.

I met with My Doctor who walked me thru the process and set up the whole procedure for meeting with the Anesthesiologist to admitting me to the clinic. I felt like I was in a Five Star Hotel, from the beautiful lobby with huge vases of fresh flowers to the sterile operating room with music in the background. Even though I spoke no spanish, there was always someone there with me patting my hand and reassuring me in a comforting voioce. The operation wen fast and the only disconfort I had was coming out of the drug. It only lasted 15 minutes. I had a partial head elastic bandage, that not only kept the drainage plugs secure but contained my face as their was swelling and discoloration around the eyes. In recovery out of the clinic, my Doctor advised relaxation with cold compresses aroun the eyes and face and lots of hot broth and liquids for a couple of days followed by fruit. The swelling went down tremendously with in 5days. The plugs were removed on day 6 and stitches on the 13th day.

On the sixth day I was out shopping in the many shopping areas Bogota offers. The food in the restaurants was delicious and expertly prepared and presented no matter where we ate. I was even amazed at the grocery stores and how well they were stocked and employees in colorful uniforms that ever seemed to be idle. Our country coult take a few tips from you on work ethics and hospitally.

The country was tropical and colorful and the climate was perfect. I found the people to be very gracious and hospitable. All in all my trips was absolutely AWESOME in every aspect.

Even though there is a fear factor within us,  I feel you must still maintain a positive attitude. And my assumption was correct as everything went well and I boarded my plane for home on the fourteenth day, wearing make-up and looking at least (I have been told) 7-8 years younger.

It was an experience that went so well that I have told everyone, that every women should have at least some kind of surgery done. Whether to remove some ugly varicose vein in your leg to a unsightly mole on your face… it makes you fell so diferent, it makes you feel so good about yourself. I am so pleased with the new me!

Email received on May 31st, 2005