SURGERY PACKAGES will help you with anything you might not understand and will explain to you in detail what you may ask us through the CONTACT section.

The services we provide are focused on helping the patients to get an appointment with the doctor they need. That simple goal means everything to us. There are hundreds of patients who come every month to our country for surgery or medical treatment. It is our duty to help them accomplish that.

We are not a travel agency and we are not financed by any medical institution. We do not care for turism or any activities while you are in our country, but our services go as far as to give you any advice you might require, with no economical interest whatsoever. has no economical ties outside its own group of Internet portals and therefore its advice will always be independent, with the only goal of helping our patients get the surgical or medical treatment they need, at the lowest possible cost and, at the highest possible medical standards.

We have explained to you the way we operate so that you may understand better what our interest is and what our possibilities are insofar as to services is concerned.

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