Customers Reviews Bariatric Surgery

“I am doing fine with my recovery. I’ve lost 32 pounds already (1 month after surgery). I have never felt better in my life”.
“My experience in Colombia was a great one. I enjoyed very much to go site seeing and shopping around Bogota. I always felt safe and relaxed going out with my personal guide”
Donna Wells
“I am doing very well. I weighed 251 pounds when I weighed in at your office. I now weigh 180 pounds… a total loss of 71
pounds. I feel (and I’m told I look) great! so much Dr. Mikler, for helping this happen for me!”
Katie Garner
I had read a few articles on plastic surgery and knew many people were going out of the country for surgery as the US is so over rated and costly.
I had the opportunity to travel to Bogota Columbia, South America and planned my procedure. When considering this, time was the one big factor for me, and next was the cost so I opted for a mini lift.
I met with My Doctor who walked me thru the process and set up the whole procedure from meeting with the Anesthesiologist to admitting me to the Clinic. I felt like I was in a Five Star Hotel, from the beautiful lobby with huge vases of fresh flowers to the sterile operating room with music in the background. Even though I spoke no Spanish, there was always someone there with me patting my hand and reassuring me in a comforting voice. The operation went fast and the only discomfort I had was coming out of the drug. It only lasted 15 minutes. I had a partial head elastic bandage, that not only kept the drainage plugs secure but contained my face as their was swelling and discoloration around the eyes.
In recovery out of the clinic, my Doctor advised relaxation with cold compresses around the eyes and face and lots of hot broth and liquids for a couple of days followed by fruit. The swelling went down tremendously with in 5 days. The plugs were removed on day 6 and stitches on the 13th day. On the sixth day I was out shopping in the many shopping areas Bogota offers.
The food in the restaurants was delicious and expertly prepared and presented no matter where we ate. I was even amazed at the grocery stores and how well they were stocked and employees in colorful uniforms that never seemed to be idle. Our country could take a few tips from you on work ethics and hospitality.
The country was tropical and colorful and the climate was perfect. I found the people to be very gracious and hospitable. All in all my trip was absolutely AWESOME in every
Even though there is a fear factor within us, I feel you must still maintain a positive attitude. And my assumption was correct as everything went well and I boarded my plane for home on the fourteenth day, wearing make-up and looking at least (I have been told) 7-8 years younger. It was an experience that went so well that I have told
everyone, that every women should have at least some kind of surgery done. Whether to remove some ugly varicose vein in your leg to a unsightly mole on your face….it makes you feel so different, it makes you feel so good about yourself. I am so pleased with the new me!!
Email Received on May 31 st, 2005
My experience there was wonderful. I highly recommend them.
Their level of care was better than the U.S. because it was personal for them to see I was taken well care off.
I have lost 69 pounds in the first 6 months after surgery. I just can’t be more satisfied. The staff and everyone you deal with are absolutely the greatest and most beautifil people you will meet.
They take a lot of pride in what they do. Bogota is a beautiful city. They are always cleaning the streets and they keep everything very neat. I would certainly love to live there.
I felt like this is what I had to do by going with Affordable Bariatrics. I am now proud to have made that choice
Gary Zeeb
My apologies for not writing back sooner!! Since I have been back in the states I have been catching up on things around me.
My experience with your organization and with Dr. Mejia was absolutely wonderful!! I have been praising your services
since my return and I have passed on the information to many people. I have had a wonderful response from my friends and my husband, which has made all of the recovery well worth while.
I can´t thank you enough for all of your help with this entire process!! My surgery would not have happened without your help and guidance!! As I have said efore… you are a life saver!!
You made this happen for me and that means more than you will ever understand… thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
I have passed on the word of your wonderful services to many of my friends, so you may become very busy soon!!! Thank you again!!!
I would like to “THANK YOU” for all your attentions and all your kindness from you and your staff. Let me tell you about myself and the wonderful time we spent in Bogotá, Colombia. My name is Angel L Figueroa 45 yrs old 265 lbs, with High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Diabetic Type 2 and Overweight. And let me tell you, I’m taking 7 pills in the morning and 2 at night and have tried every diet in the book. I live in Miami, FL. From the day we asked you for some information about the bypass until our last day in Colombia.
The morning we got to the airport on May 13th 2007, there was someone waiting for us with a van to take us to the hotel where the most wonderful personnel was waiting for us, to help us in every way possible. The Hotel staff was not “staff”, they were like a family to us. They treated us like family always and “no” was not in their vocabulary. After we were settled at the Hotel Zuetana we just relax for that Sunday, and waiting for Monday to see what was it going to bring us with all the test that we had to do for the near Bypass Operation.
Well finally Monday 14th here, and it’s 9am and let’s start some tests for my Bypass, all my tests are in a time manner and let me tell you everything is on time with no waiting. Every nurse, Tech, and doctor and their staff are nicer and more nicest. Everything went smooth and easy and it’s time to meet the doctor. Well what a relived to know that everything is going smooth and easy. He was a well spoken and very knowledgeable person and his background was super excellent. He made us relax and to feel wonderful in every way possible. He assured us that everything was prepared for my Bypass and he explained the procedure and what to do and not to do after the Bypass. He explained about the pro and cons of the bypass and he answered all our questions.
Tuesday 15th, is here and we had to report at 6am into the Palermo Hospital to admission and like every else it went smooth after admission, they, took me in and the staff in the operation room were so nice it was like they know me and they all my name and they assured me I was with the best team and that everything was going to be fine. After my Bypass I was in the hospital for 3 day and the attentions were marvelous and so wonderful. My wife hired a private nurse to stay with me and she was so kind and charm person, she went the extra mile for me.
Wednesday 16th, Dr. Silva came into my room and check on me and everything was excellent and gave me a set of instruction to follow for the next couple of months, which is divided into 3 phases. I have to follow every phases in order for me to recuperated to a 100%. I had not take any medication for any of my ills yet
Thursday 17th, afternoon the Doctor released me and send me home (hotel) over there the hotel staff was waiting for us and every time, they were asking if everything was fine or if we need anything to help us feel better! I ask for rocking chair that they have by the fireplace and guess what they put one into my room. So I could sit and just relax in my room. One day I had a small fever and my wife did not know how to use the thermometer in metric and Edwin the front desk clerk he check mt temp every hour all night and even the next day, the doctor was arriving at the end of his shift and he ask the doctor if he needs some help he could stay and help on his own time.
Tuesday 22nd, I went to Doctor Silva’s office to remove my drain and my first official weight in and for our surprises my weight went down 7 kilos or 15.4 lbs and our mouths went to the floor when we saw the weight’s scale. Still no medication for anything yet.
Friday 25th, We went to Dr. Silva’s office to remove my stitches and to received my final instructions before my flight back home next Friday. He told me I don’t need to worry about taking any medication for Blood Pressure, Diabetics & Cholesterol. He told me to continue with my phase 2 after surgery and everything was going fine and in a couple of months I will feel like nothing happen to me.
The only thing I can say to anyone thinking on doing this surgery is to do a lot research on the bypass and to prepared yourself for this big step and to follow every instruction that the doctor may tell you before, during and after. And trust “ and their marvelous Team” anything you want and just do it. If anyone want to contact me, you can do it.
From my wife and I, we would like to say Thank you to Dr. Silva & his staff, Zuetana (hotel) and their staff. You guys made us feel like a family and a “Thank You” will not be enough to express what we feel for all you guys. An especial thank you to Mr. J M Gutierrez and’s team.
Mr. & Mrs. Figueroa